Thursday, 30 July 2015

It’s Always Sunny in Vancouver

Before we moved to Vancouver we were warned that it would be nothing but cloud and rain. True enough, on the day of our arrival back in March it was raining. Today it is also raining. However, in the intervening months we have been lucky enough to experience an almost endless supply of sun and heat, including the hottest June on record. On a clear day the views around the city are incredible, especially when walking along the seawall to one of the many popular beaches. Even in the centre of downtown, the stunning North Shore Mountains can be seen peeking up in the distance from every intersection.

From day one, Vancouver felt familiar. The people are friendly and relaxed and have a real love of getting outdoors. Not just to explore the abundant and accessible nature, but also to partake in organised street events such as parades, marathons, and food truck conventions. The downtown area is made up of a number of distinct neighbourhoods, and the way these flow together produces some interesting contrasts. Being the warmest major city in Canada, there is a noticeable homeless population, and by crossing a single street you can move from one of the most expensive blocks in the city to one of the poorest area codes in the entire country. There are some unique individuals to be found on those four corners.

Living in Vancouver is a breeze. The public transport is cheap and convenient, and for the most part we get around just fine on foot. We are always discovering great new restaurants; the quality of the seafood is particularly high. There is plenty to see and do, and it's a perfect launchpad to the Rocky Mountains and America. Plus it seems like every second person has a dog.

Please click here to view our photos from around Vancouver.